Value Added: Carlyle And The Business Of Charter Schools

Proposed Englewood charter school reviews teaching philosophy

In addition to Carlyle and its vendors, there is the Walton Family Foundation, named for the clan that gave you Wal-Mart; Teach for America, a high-powered group of education reformers; and Covington & Burling, the elite D.C. law firm. Bobo tapped Carlyle associates Evan Morgan, 26, and Dan Bowles, 26, to help. Morgan and Bowles work closely with Carlyles three founders, helping with speeches, presentations and special projects.
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Charter Medical, Ipratech, and APIcells to Collaborate on a Fully Automated Perfusion Platform

The Charter, with its drastic limitations on how individuals could express their religious faith, would be the polar opposite. Montreal likes to fancy itself as an international, cosmopolitan city. Thatas key to attracting companies and talented professionals who often cite the cityas quality of life as a reason for coming.
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Charter’s St. Louis Ops Streamlines Traffic With Nverzion

Well lets ask David Brain, president and CEO of Entertainment Properties Trust. ….Why would I want to add charter schools into my portfolio? DB: Well I think its a very stable business, very recession-resistant. Its a very high-demand product. Theres 400,000 kids on waiting lists for charter schools …
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Peter Hadekel: Businesses need to join forces against charter proposal

“We’re just being very proactive to reach out and really get the buy-in from the community at large to [ask] ‘is this something we need for our next generation?” said Jefferson. The Universal Business Academy will also welcome at-risk students and students with special needs, said Amod Field, a charter school committee member. Interactive communication, collaboration, global awareness, financial literacy, digital literacy, problem solving, and critical thinking were all elements within Kronin’s framework for the charter school that she felt will help students develop business skills.
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NEW: Charter Expands HD Service at Worcester’s Beechwood Hotel

Hotel guests can now enjoy the same HD viewing quality previously reserved for residential customers. Charter Business commercial HD video solution also provides an on screen interactive program guide, allowing easier searching for a more enjoyable video experience. Charter Business is bringing the in-home video experience to hotel and motel properties throughout our Charter service areas in New England, said Ross Bopp, Senior Director Sales, Charter Business. Guests who are accustomed to high-definition television at home expect nothing less at their hotels and Charter Business is proud to provide our at home high definition experience to those travelling on business. In an extremely competitive environment, this places our voice, data and video business product lines at the technological forefront. We have had a relationship with Charter Business since the opening of the hotel, said Mark Waxler, General Manager of The Beechwood Hotel & Ceres Bistro.
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Cedric Bobo, center, a managing director of the Carlyle Group, visits the Arts and Technology Academy, a D.C. charter school, with Carrie Irvin, center, president of Charter Board Partners and Simmons Lettre, right, executive director of Charter Board Partners.

To this end, CACSFF will help operators obtain permanent financing to purchase their properties using New Market Tax Credits, tax-exempt bond offerings, or funding from the U.S. Treasurys Community Development Financial Institutions Fund.
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The big business of charter schools

Lydall is a registered trademark of Lydall, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
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Canyon-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund Celebrates Opening of Southwest Detroit Lighthouse Charter Academy

Utilizing KISS, Charter has transitioned its scheduling system from disc-based operations to a network-based workflow. NVerzions KISS scheduling and traffic system brings our organization current technologies that make seamless scheduling and automatic linking with master control transmission playout possible, said Mark Catalano, Charter’s St. Louis traffic coordinator. KISS has greatly improved the efficiency and consistency of our traffic and scheduling operations. Through a simple user interface, KISS enables Charters traffic coordinator to create daily schedules and pass them on to master control via the NVerzion automation system. Charter is currently using the KISS system to support seven local channels, with plans to add more in the future.
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