New Lower Pricing On Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet CAT5 cables image
Business Ethernet is now more affordable than ever!

The premier telecom solutions agency today has announced a price reduction in Ethernet over Copper (EoC) based broadband circuits. With this new pricing, EoC provides business and enterprise customers with dedicated, reliable broadband at a fraction of the cost of a NxT1 bonded T1 circuit.

"We have seen the price of Ethernet over Copper drop for a while now, but this is the first time we can reduce the pricing on so many different speeds. While many people see EoC as a replacement for bonded T1 circuits, it can also be a great alternative to a DS3 line, especially with this new price drop where we can offer 45Mbps (equivalent to a ds3) for around $1600 per month, or $250 for 2Mbps symmetrical",’s VP of Sales Mr. Wind states.

Besides reduced pricing, customers can also expect some other promotions such as free installation, free equipment and in many cases even a free month of service. To find out if a location is within range of Ethernet over Copper facilities, companies can use the online Ethernet availability and quoting tool at EoC speeds start at 2Mbps and can go all the way up to 200Mbps. According to 10gea, these lower speed Ethernet circuits (such as a 2Mbps line) are a very popular T1 line replacement – both for price and circuit scalability.

About 10gea is an independent telecommunications agency that helps both SMB and enterprise customers with their cloud and networking needs. By utilizing its relationships with over 36 carriers, line-provider is able to advise and compare customers on one of the most important components of their business – their network reliability. Line-Provider works with many carriers and is known for its real time pricing for T1, PBX Phone systems, Ethernet WAN, gigabit Ethernet, and audio conferencing. For more information or a free consultation please

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